Bought a house

I am now joint owner of some of a house with my wife! ( The mortgage people own most of the house really :/ ) »

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Migrated to Ghost

I've migrated my blog from WordPress to Ghost. I wonder if i'll write any more posts this year? »

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My Reynholm Industries Card

My new ID card »

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Helpful README?

<br></br> [root@ahost cvfs]# ls<br></br> bin config debug examples gdbinfo help install man ras< »

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Building an iPhone app using Flex SDK and PFI

A simple intro into making an iPhone app using flex SDK and Packager for iPhone. With my Air/Flex apps I generally start with the following »

ShoutCast Stream Meta script

Using the following python script you can pull the meta info from a playing stream. The headers variable will contain the Radio Name and other things, »

Overground Re-route

One thing I am glad of with London transport, especially around where I live is the ability to take a different route in the case of »

Tube Crush

So here I am again on my journey home on the Piccadilly Line. I catch it from Piccadilly Circus so am used to the influx of »

$1bn aid for healthcare in the 72 poorest countries

If you feed money in to a developing countries health care system, what happens when you stop feeding money? This is in reference to the $1bn »

The issues with noisy systems

Today I felt like I completely failed at my job. I was ‘on shift’, therefore I was supposed to be keeping an eye on all of »