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Scripted WEP Cracking

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So I finally got around to finishing this all up…


Enjoy, Cheers,

DanB UK.


LocateMe on iTouch works!

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Since 1.1.3 I think the Google Maps Application on the iPod Touch has supported the “Locate Me” functionality. Today was the first time it worked for me! Remeber that I am on a Touch so therefore this is all based upon the WiFi signals. I am thinking that due to my collueage with an iPhone having used it here the WiFi signals that he was reciving at the same time when he used “Locate Me” were logged somewhere by the Application.

Here is a snapshot of it locating me! I’m actually on the right side of the Blue Circle but hey it’s pritty close!

Locate Me on iPod Touch at work.




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So I’ve been playing with this little iPod Touch the last few weeks. First I had the BSD Subsystem installed, it was quite buggy. Now I have discovered Cydia. This rocks, its a port of the apt package manager and so far everything I have installed has been without bugs! Even metasploit! Now things can be REALLY funky whilst on a WiFi network.

I recommend this to anyone who uses their iPhone/iPod Touch as more than just a Media Player/Web Browser/Game’s Platform.




Dual Boot iPhone/iPod Touch

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Further to me reading about the possibilty of allowing it to have more than one “bootable” partition, I have dual booted my iPod Touch.

Now I have 4 partitions on my Touch, the standard /dev/disk0s1 = 300Mb, /dev/disk0s2 = 26GB plus a “recovery” /dev/disk0s3 = 300Mb and a to be utilised /dev/disk0s4 = 4GB.

I am currently building my mips toolchain on a Gentoo VM so that I can start looking into a Linux install on the 4th partition.

I followed the information in this very well written up page on iphone-dev here.

Happy Tinkering!



Update: I’m a numpty, it’s not a MIPS is it…. it’s ARM! Doh!


1.1.4 Jailbreak iTouch/iPhone for MacOSX (Soft)

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To reach a 1.1.4 version on my iTouch I have performed the following steps.

Restored 1.1.1

Ran OKToPrep

Upgraded to 1.1.2

(Basically the above steps I followed the instructions on this page and stopped once I had a 1.1.2 and Installer on my SpringBoard.)

This is a modification of the Windows version I found here.

The MacOSX version can be found here.

Open up a terminal and execute the following:
cd ~/
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
curl -o 1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX.tar.bz2 http://danb-uk.net/~dan/files/1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX.tar.bz2
tar -xjvf  1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX.tar.bz2
cd 1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX

Now wait, if it doesn’t restart then just power off your iTouch and wait a few seconds, then power it back on!

I have only tested this once and I can confirm that my About info is 1.1.4, any feedback is appreciated.


DanB UK.

Update: So I had some issues with Installer.App failing to install some packages, but that might just relate to 1.1.4 compatibility of those Apps… Researching further… Update: Just Re-Install the Installer and relaunch it then everything was fine! 1.1.4 Here I am!

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