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Wasted BogoMIPS

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So last week I screwed up in a royal fashion. I caused 1 core on 12,000 servers to be running at 100% with a zombie process. In conversation with a friend he asked “So how many BogoMIPS were you wasting?”, of course I had to find out.

So I grepped out the first core on each box’es BogoMIPS value and summed it up.

Per second: 61099300 BogoMIPS

If you take that figure and multiply it up for 12 hours.

Total: 2639489760000 Million Instructions

For more information on BogoMIPS please see this nice FAQ.


  1. Doh

    Comment by ghostdog23 — 2009/05/05 @ 16:44

  2. heavy shitt!

    Comment by Ferdinand Klinzer — 2009/05/05 @ 17:11

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