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1.1.4 Jailbreak iTouch/iPhone for MacOSX (Soft)

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To reach a 1.1.4 version on my iTouch I have performed the following steps.

Restored 1.1.1

Ran OKToPrep

Upgraded to 1.1.2

(Basically the above steps I followed the instructions on this page and stopped once I had a 1.1.2 and Installer on my SpringBoard.)

This is a modification of the Windows version I found here.

The MacOSX version can be found here.

Open up a terminal and execute the following:
cd ~/
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
curl -o 1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX.tar.bz2 http://danb-uk.net/~dan/files/1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX.tar.bz2
tar -xjvf  1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX.tar.bz2
cd 1.1.4_Jailbreak_MacOSX

Now wait, if it doesn’t restart then just power off your iTouch and wait a few seconds, then power it back on!

I have only tested this once and I can confirm that my About info is 1.1.4, any feedback is appreciated.


DanB UK.

Update: So I had some issues with Installer.App failing to install some packages, but that might just relate to 1.1.4 compatibility of those Apps… Researching further… Update: Just Re-Install the Installer and relaunch it then everything was fine! 1.1.4 Here I am!

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